Professional Body Massages in Lahaina, HI

If you are curious about massage services or are looking for a professional massage spa for services like a body massage or mini facial massage, then welcome to Makai Massage & Bodywork. We invite you to discover the world of massage and to experience any number of massage options we offer.

At Makai Massage & Bodywork, you will work with gifted, licensed, and trained massage therapists. From deep tissue massage to mini facial massage services and more, we are here to help. Here is a look at some of the massage services and treatments we offer at Makai Massage & Bodywork.

Professional Body Massages & More

At Makai Massage & Bodywork, there are several massage treatments to choose from, along with choices for the duration and add-on treatments. Here are a few popular massage treatments Makai Massage & Bodywork offers and a few benefits they offer:

  • Sports Massage: This therapeutic massage option promotes healing, improves injury prevention, and supports better performance.
  • Hawaiian Lomi Lomi: A traditional Hawaiian massage to help soothe and help the body relax.
  • Swedish Massage: Another more traditional massage for improving circulation and relieving tension.
  • Shiatsu Massage: Using pressure point techniques, this massage targets rebalancing.

These are a few of the many massage treatments and services offered at the Makai Massage & Bodywork massage spa. Body massage, mini facial massage, or hand and foot massages are a few of the services you will discover when you visit Makai Massage & Bodywork in Lahaina, HI.

Body Massage

For All Your Massage Therapy Needs

If you are looking for a professional massage spa that offers a range of massage treatments and services, from mini facial massage to body massage services, the Makai Massage & Bodywork massage spa is here to help. Our experienced, licensed, talented, and professional therapists offer effective massage treatments and the highest level of customer care.

Contact us at Makai Massage & Bodywork if you want to learn more about massage therapy and myofascial release services or to schedule your next massage appointment today. We are Makai Massage & Bodywork, and we are here for all your massage therapy needs.

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