Myofascial Release Treatments in Lahaina, HI

If you have been in an accident or have suffered a condition where myofascial release treatment is a prescribed treatment option, the Makai Massage & Bodywork massage spa can help. In many cases, insurance coverage is available for these types of massage treatments.

At the Makai Massage & Bodywork massage spa, we also work with those companies. Myofascial release techniques are commonly used to treat repetitive motion injuries and to treat cases such as whiplash.

Get a Complete Myofascial Release Massage With Us

Whether you are looking for a Swedish or sports massage, you can trust the professionals at Makai Massage & Bodywork. Our staff is fully insured and licensed. We also have a gifted and talented team of therapists who are caring and experienced, meaning our clients get the best care and the best possible results.

Serving Lahaina, HI, and the surrounding communities, Makai Massage & Bodywork offers the benefits of massage in a welcoming and relaxing environment. Our team strives to ensure our clients get the best and most enjoyable experience, and most importantly, the benefits that massage offers.

Massage is used to treat injuries, improve performance, and even for injury prevention. At Makai Massage & Bodywork, we have massage treatment services to benefit everyone.

Myofascial Release

The Makai Massage & Bodywork Massage Spa

If you want to learn more about myofascial release treatments, or other massage techniques, reach out to the Makai Massage & Bodywork massage spa for more information. We are here to put the power of massage to work for you.

Contact us if you have any questions or if you would like to schedule an appointment today. Feel better and be better with the right spa treatments and massage add-ons from Makai Massage & Bodywork.
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