Hand & Foot Massages in Lahaina, HI

Have you ever stopped to think about how often you use your hands, every day? How many times do you use them to grab, reach, squeeze, push, handle, or work with something? How does a hand massage sound now?

Have you ever stopped to think about just how much you use and stand on your feet? Even those with sedentary vocations are still up and down many times a day. How many stairs do we climb, how many steps do we take, and how many things do we carry in a day, week, month, or year? How does a foot massage sound right about now? If your hands, feet, or both suddenly feel tired and you are thinking about a foot or hand massage, then you are talking about reflexology. Yes, reflexology involves hand massage and foot massage techniques, but the goal of reflexology might surprise you.

Reflexology Massage Services

At Makai Massage & Bodywork, we offer hand massage and foot massage services, also referred to as reflexology. If you are in or around Lahaina, HI, and are looking for a professional massage spa for services like reflexology, look no more.

Reflexology definitely feels good on our hands and feet, but what happens goes far beyond our appendages and extremities. Reflexology is the practice of using hand and foot massage techniques to reach and relax the entire body.

In many beliefs, the body is one connected organism, and when one part suffers, all parts suffer. In the same fashion, what one part benefits from, all parts benefit. Reflexology could be exhibit 1A for this case, as you will feel lighter, more relaxed, and at total peace following a reflexology massage treatment.

Hand Massage

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Are you feeling run down, lethargic, or a little more tense than usual? If this sounds like you and you live in or near Lahaina, HI, you could be a great candidate for a reflexology massage.

Contact us to learn more about reflexology, myofascial release, or our other massage add-ons and to schedule your appointment today. A foot massage and hand massage feel good, but reflexology is good for the whole body.

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